Process Cranes


Specific crane solutions tailored to meet demanding industry needs.

Our process cranes are tailored to meet the needs of your production processes. They are designed and built to specific requirements. In this way, we ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers’ specific industrial processes – in the paper industry as well as in process integration, in recycling and bulk handling, in the aircraft industry, in steel production and in steel handling.

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In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and they have to be equipped ready for any maintenance work that needs to be done. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. To meet these diverse requirements, we have developed special solutions that provide for reliable processes in paper mills and stores:

  • cranes to serve paper machines
  • cranes to serve roller cutters
  • automated process cranes to serve paper roll stores
  • warehouse management systems
Process cranes for the paper industry

Efficiency and flexibility combined with impressive performance

Materials handling systems are a decisive component for cost-effectiveness in the steel trade. The performance provided by our cranes has a great influence on the efficiency and flexibility of all operating sequences – also in the downstream industrial processes. Our customers use Demag crane systems to meet requirements with efficient storage and just-in-time delivery. To satisfy these needs, we offer:

  • a wide range of crane products for the steel trade
  • crane concepts that are designed and optimised to meet specific industry and process requirements
  • constant availability
  • high utilisation of the available space in stores
  • flexibility in handling products.
Process cranes for metal handling

Full integration and efficiency

From the lifting and positioning of a load, to serving machinery or installations and loading – we link processes to ensure seamless integration. Efficient, versatile and cost-effective. Our tailored solutions provide for:

  • modular load handling concepts
  • specific modifications for cost-effective applications
  • efficient handling of large and small loads
  • precise delivery of material to machining centres, machine tools and press lines
  • cranes with manual control, semi or fully automated operating sequences
  • high handling rates
  • smooth and gentle material transport.
Process cranes for mechanical engineering

Our cranes perform with the reliability of steel


Difficult loads, high or extremely fluctuating ambient temperatures: the harsh operating conditions in foundries demand high levels of safety and functional reliability for crane systems. Our solutions offer high levels of flexibility and performance:

  • magnet cranes to transport billets
  • cranes to transport rolls (roll grinding shop)
  • cranes in the annealing shop, pickling plant and in the shipping store
  • charging cranes
  • workshop cranes.
Process cranes for metal production

Ready for every application


In refuse incineration installations, facilities for refuse-derived fuels, cogeneration plants and in the cement industry, the requirements to be met by cranes are particularly high. These demands include heat, dust and agressive environments. Our process cranes are ideally equipped for these applications – and can deliver their performance without any limitations. What other benefits do they offer?

  • Optimum design for serving stores and bunkers: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control
  • Laser-assisted height measurement
  • Full operation around the clock
  • Our own software for control and visualisation
Process cranes for recycling & bulk material

High-performance cranes for automotive


Efficiency is decisive in the automotive sector. That not only applies to the cars, but production processes must also run smoothly. For decades, Demag has supplied many sectors with cranes for safe, reliable and optimised process sequences.

Car production starts in the press plant. Wherever tools weighing several tons need to be automatically transported for optimised tooling times, Demag can supply customised cranes equipped with tool grippers.

Tasks can include:

  • Tools stored in up to 5 layers above each other
  • Tools placed on the press transfer stations as required

The Demag warehouse management system (WMS) with interfaces to ERP and press control systems provides for optimised travel motions and allows for any obstacle contours. Supported by a camera-based active load control system incl. twist and sway compensation, the crane can also transport the tools to their destination without any sway.

For the maintenance and repair of the press tools, Demag delivers process cranes that are designed to meet specific customer needs. They are equipped with open winch units arranged on a common trolley or on separate trolleys, as needed. If required, these cranes can be equipped with laser positioning systems as well as active load sway damping systems. To ensure that turning operations are performed safely and reliably, sensors monitor any permissible inclined pull and continuously measure any overload in both directions.

In vehicle assembly operations, mainly light crane systems are used to relieve the burden placed on specialists on the assembly lines. Based on the modular crane construction kit principle, our Demag KBK system can be used to create the right solution for all applications.

Demag process cranes are also used for storing and handling coils for seamless operations.

Process cranes for the automotive industry

Build on proven technology: Demag Process cranes for special applications

Processes in special industries are highly dependent on the raw materials to be handled. Intralogistics tailored to match specific needs are decisive. Demag cranes are versatile and can be adapted to match the properties of the relevant materials to ensure optimum handling.

Straw bale handling

Straw needs to be transported and stored for various purposes in many processes. It is often used as an efficient source of energy in biomass power plants. Double-girder process cranes with versatile smart gripper units in connection with position measuring systems to achieve high positioning accuracy have proven themselves in these applications. The system can be controlled by a warehouse management system (WMS) with an interface to the customer’s ERP system. Straw is fed to the furnaces on the basis of moisture levels in biomass power plants. Sensors that utilise microwaves are used to measure the moisture levels of the straw bales.

Wooden panel handling

Process cranes also play an important role in wood processing operations. Handling high density fibreboard panels (abbreviated as HDF panels), which are mostly transported in stacks, is just one of many applications. Here, electric motor-powered grabs on Demag double-girder overhead travelling cranes provide for convenient handling. When they are permanently reeved with the hoist unit via four rope attachment points, this is not only very safe and reliable, but also enable a high level of efficiency.

Process cranes for special applications

Maximum precision, safety and reliability for handling sensitive parts


Large parts have to be regularly lifted, turned and positioned on assembly lines in the aviation industry. The process cranes and hoist units that are used in these applications have to provide correspondingly high performance, which has to match the specific requirements precisely. Our solutions to meet these needs pave the way in industry:

  • suspension cranes with multiple suspensions to bridge large building spans
  • cranes with latching devices for trolley transfer to link various working areas
  • cranes with rotating crabs for optimum use of the available space
  • telescoping platforms for maintaining, overhauling and applying the paint finish to aircraft
  • workshop cranes for turbine maintenance.
Process cranes for the aviation industry

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