Blocks - DRC MJ mini joystick

DRC MJ mini joystick


Ergonomic. Efficient. Intuitive.

You can control your cranes safely and precisely with the Demag DRC MJ hand-held transmitter, while concentrating fully on the handling task. By controlling your crane with two joysticks, you can intuitively and easily move it on three levels – and always keep the load safely in sight at the same time.

This transmitter is ideally suited for intuitive control with just one hand, since you can precisely control combined crane and crab motions with one thumb.

The compact transmitter design ensures fatigue-free control, even after several hours of operation.

Ergonomics @ Function:
  • Bright, high-contrast display to show operating statuses, load information and charge level, etc.
  • Two-colour display: neutral and red
  • For long/cross travel: Mechanical latch at slow speed (V1)
For individual needs
  • Individually programmable electronic gate
  • Man/machine interface: active warning given by the transmitter with a vibration alarm that you can feel, e.g. if an overload occurs
  • Joysticks for intuitive single-handed control (right/left)
  • Top: lift/lower
  • Bottom: long and cross travel also for diagonal motions
  • Ribs prevent accidental actuation
  • Ergonomic shape for fatigue-free operation


  • Tough housing made of polyamide with a smooth, scratch-resistant surface
  • Impact-resistant thanks to rubber caps
Battery charge @ Productivity

Our ergonomic DRC MJ hand-held transmitter is part of the Demag D3 generation of radio equipment, offering all the benefits of these state-of-the-art radio systems.


Optimised power management:

  • Hardware design with low-energy chipsets
  • HF transmission for low power consumption
  • NiMH battery technology

The result: 2.5 hours of charging for 5 days of continuous operation

  • D3 systems satisfy the requirements of the DIN EN 13849-1 machine safety standard Category 3, PL d
Speed limit
  • Even more precise control thanks to scalable reduction of travel and lifting speeds
  • Can be programmed to 30, 50 or 70% of the maximum speed
Transmitter transfer
  • Transmitter transfer at the press of a button – without interrupting the operating sequence


  • Up to 40 D3 radio systems can be operated in parallel in proximity to each other
  • D3 transmitters and receivers satisfy the DIN EN 300328 coexistence standard
Programmable function keys
  • Crab selection
  • Tare
  • Assistance functions
2 buttons
  • Signal button (also for limit switch check)
  • Stop function
DRC MJ hand-held transmitter
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 192 x 75 x 66 mm
    • LCD, 2 colours, illuminated, 35 x 25 mm
    • Typical range of approx. 100 m
    • 2.4 GHz ISM band frequency range
    • IP 55 enclosure
    • Weight (with/without battery): 450 g/395 g
    • Approx. 5 days of operation with one charge