Blocks - DCMS-Pro Manulift

Single-handed operation

Our DCMS-Pro Manulift combines fast and reliable load handling with variable speed control and operation with only one hand. It is based on the lifting unit of our DCS-Pro chain hoist and our DSM-CS control unit. The wide range of performance offered by the DCMS-Pro:

  • chain hoist operation and load handling with one hand
  • safe, reliable and precise positioning of sensitive goods and valuable products thanks to variable speed control
  • fast lifting motions at almost double the rated speed in the partial load range
  • quick-change coupling for a reliable hold
  • simple replacement of the load handling attachment
  • suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation.

In comparison with the proven DCM-Pro with two lifting speeds, the DCMS-Pro offers you further benefits.

Maximum ease of operation
  • Infinitely variable speed control for lifting and lowering motions over the entire load range
  • Exceptionally fine control at slow speed
  • Smooth starting and exact positioning
  • Creep lifting speed from 0.15 m/min
  • Lifting speed, acceleration and braking ramp can be simply modified via the control unit
  • Suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation
Versatile performance
  • The various Manulift load handling attachments can be changed with ease
  • Pro-Hub function for up to 90 per cent higher nominal speed for partial load or no-load operations
  • Automatic switchover to creep lifting speed before the upper/lower limit positions are reached – speed ratio 1:100
High safety and reliability
  • Motor temperature monitoring device
  • Acceleration and braking ramps to reduce load sway
DCMS-Pro Manulift (variable lifting speed)


Lifting speed
at 50/60 HZ
Hook path
FEM Reev-
Weight [kg]
hook path
VSrated VS max 2.8m 4.3m
80 1 0.15-30 30 2.8 and 4.3 4m 1/1 25 27
125 1 0.15-30 4m
200 2 0.15-16 3m
250 2 0.15-16 2m+*)